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    Violet or Violette?

    I'm considering this name (though I am bothered a bit by the popularity factor) and wondered what your opinions are on the alternative/French spelling?

    We do have some French heritage, so that isn't an issue. And our kids will be educated in French/French immersion, so I know it will be pronounced in French at school.

    However, at home and in our family/friend circle we speak English. How do you think English speaking people would pronounce the name with the French spelling?

    Would she get the regular Vi-let? Or do you think people would assume Vee-o-lette?

    Is it best to keep the English spelling and let her French teachers pronounce is however they like at school?

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    I would pronounce it the same as Violet. Same as Juliet/Juliette. English speakers will assume they are pronounced the same.

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    I pronounce them differently :/ Violet is VIO-lut but Violette is VIO-let or VEE-oh-let

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    I think the way you intend to pronounce the name yourselves is the way to spell it.
    If you intend to say Vee-o-lette, spell it Violette, if you intend to say Vi-let, spell it Violet.
    French speakers will say Vee-o-lette and English speakers will say Vi-let no matter what the spelling is.

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    I would pronounce Violet: Vi-let and Violette: Vee-oh-lette
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