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    Hullo Berries

    I've fallen for the name Elke as an option for our soon to be here baby. From my research, I understand that it's typically pronounced El-kah, but many also go for El-key, as it reads. I'm leaning towards El-kah, I think it wears better into adulthood.

    I'm actually after advice/suggestions on two things. Firstly, do any of you Berries have a brainwave for a suitable middle name. I'd like something a little more popular as a middle name, and am leaning towards one syllable, something like Elke Rose or Elke Lou (happy to compromise for the right name), both May/Mae and Jane are out due to close relatives use.

    Secondly, I've read that the name actually has a few different origins, both Dutch but also Hebrew; I'm interested to see what the correct way to pronounce it in the hebrew is, particularly as our first sons name is a Hebrew name.


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    I would assume Elke/Elka is the female form of Elkanah. Unless we had an expert on names in Hebrew (any Israelis out there?) I would pronounce it El-Kah. I have heard it as a Yiddish name pronounced El-kah and spelled Elka in English.

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    I met a german girl called Elke a couple of years ago, and i loved it on her! She was blonde and very fresh-faced so i have a very Germanic/Scandinavian image of the name. She said it like El-Keh. It also makes me think of the singer Elkie Brooks and there was a German actress/pin-up called Elke Sommers. I think its a lovely name.

    I reckon something soft in the middle would be nice. I like Elke Rose or maybe Elke Claire, Elke Grace or Elke Isobel.
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    I really like Elke/Elka. I pronounce them the same. I like Elka a bit better because there is no confusion. I think Elke Rose sounds nice. I don't care for Lou. other thoughts- Elke Rae, Elke Bryn, Elke Ruth, Elke Claire, Elke Brie/Bree

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    I know an Elke! It is a very unusual choice in Canada.
    Actually it is said and spelled Elky. The girl I know, not the name in general
    I have never heard it said as Elka.
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