View Poll Results: Name for sister for Preston

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  • Claire Elizabeth Evans

    35 56.45%
  • Elizabeth Paige Evans

    24 38.71%
  • Ella Elizabeth Evans

    8 12.90%
  • Reagan Elizabeth Evans

    7 11.29%
  • Sawyer Elizabeth Evans

    5 8.06%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Baby Girl Evans

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    Baby Girl Evans

    What name do you like for a sister for Preston:

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    I like Claire Elizabeth, because both names are lovely, timeless classics that will never sound old. Ella Elizabeth sounds silly, because they are way too similar in the beginning. What about Ella Reagan? Ella Claire?
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    If you like a short, sweet no-nonsense, solid citizen name...choose Claire Elizabeth.

    If you like majestic, traditional names with depth and history and loads of nickname options...choose Elizabeth Paige (my fave).

    If you plan on having more children and want to stick with unisex/surnames... choose Sawyer Elizabeth.
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    Sawyer and Reagan would be the best match for Preston. Sawyer got my vote because it is more pleasing to the ear.

    Neither are my cup of tea though.

    Claire Elizabeth or Elizabeth Paige are lovely! Ella Elizabeth is a little too alliterative for me.
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    I voted for Claire Elizabeth to go with brother Preston. Claire is feminine but not frilly and fits well with Preston, plus the middle name Elizabeth is a great classic choice!

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