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    For fantasy, I'd highly recommend the George RR Martin series, "A Song of Ice and Fire," if you haven't read it already. Anything by Robin Hobb is good too. "The Farseer Trilogy" is a good one to start with.

    I love historical fiction too and I've recently gotten into the books by Sharon Kay Penman. I especially liked her Welsh Kings trilogy which starts with the book, "Here be Dragons."

    It looks like you have gotten lots of other recommendations here! I hope some of this is helpful.

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    Even if you aren't into vampires, Dracula is a fantastic, suspenseful read. Also, The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.

    If you love Jane Austen, check out Evelina by Fanny Burney. She was a predecessor of Austen who influenced her writing, characters, and even the names she used.

    I have a friend that gravitates to historic fiction that really enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl, Sister Queens, and similar books on the Tudor era that I cannot recall the names of at the moment.

    Happy Reading!

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    i'm reading Cloud Atlas right now. The format is a bit quirky, and some of the stories are more fanciful than believable, but its very interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    You should start with reading the rest of Sarah Waters' books, Fingersmith and The Night Watch are particularly good. I'd actually recommend most of the books I listed to you (especially Andrew Davidson's The Gargoyle, anything by Kate Atkinson and Joanna Harris' early books), as well as Audrey Niffenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry and The Time Traveler's Wife.

    I just remembered a few more lovely books:
    Carlos Ruiz Zafron - Everything, but start at the beginning
    Deborah Moggach - Seesaw
    Diane Setterfield - Thirteenth Tale
    Fransisco Goldman - Say Her Name (incredibly sad, it's the true story of how he fell in love with his wife and how she died)
    Jonas Jonsson - The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climed Out of the Window and Disappeared
    Julian Barnes - The Sense of an Ending
    Madeleine Miller - The Song of Achilles
    T.H. White - The Once and Future King
    Thanks! I have The Night Watch and The Thirteenth Tale, I'll bump them up my list a bit. I've read The Gargoyle, The Time Traveler's Wife, some Zafon, and The Once and Future King. Loved them all to bits. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who... sounds amazing!! That just shot up to the very top of my list. I used to read to the elderly at a retirement home and there was a woman who used to tell me her elaborate escape plans. She loved romance novels. Anyway, I'm excited for my next book shopping trip.
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