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    Wow, I love literature but compared to everyone else who's posted I feel like I've hardly read anything! Will certainly check out some of these books myself.

    If you love classics, then anything Jane Austen for sure! You've probably read some of her books already, but she's one author I love going back to and get something new out of it every time. I haven't read all her books but loved all the ones I did; my favourite is P&P. Her writing style is so forceful, witty and genteel at the same time.

    It's teen fiction but I second the suggestion of A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray! It's a great historical fiction/fantasy/thriller combo and kept me up a fair few nights, so suspenseful and hard to put down. There's a whole trilogy actually- it's called the Gemma Doyle Trilogy. I love the names in it too.

    I'm surprised no one's suggested Gone With the Wind, one of my favourite books of all time. Epic, dramatic, exciting and feels so much shorter than it is- I almost wished it were longer! Every character is unique and memorable, even the minor ones.
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