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    I'm so upset :( naming my baby is becoming so stressful help!

    With middle name combinations aside, could you please give me a rating 1-10 for each first name and comment on them. I will tell you the names and my pros and cons

    1. Cecelia- pro: I love the nick names for it CeCe, Celia, Cela (see-la). I love how feminine it is and pretty and I like names that are three syllables or longer on girls. It fits well with my daughters name izabella. Cons: it's in the low 200's which is a bit more popular than I typically like but in my state in 2011 there wasn't even 5 girls names Cecelia with either spelling of it.

    2. Cecily-pro: similar to Cecelia since it is a variant of it. Still 3 syllables which I like. I like the rythm of the name and the antique quality of the name. It also goes great with izabella. Cons: less nick name choices than Cecelia. Main nick name would be CeCe. Might be mispronounced as Sicily or misspelled as Sicily. Could be called Cecil or sissy if kids make fun.

    3. Felicity: pro: still not extremely common explicitly in my state. Long name like I like. Nice meaning and makes you feel happy just saying it. I like that just like cecily it's a bit more unexpected maybe than Cecelia is. Cons: the tv show felicity. Lack of nick names, I only like the nick name fliss for this name or fi. Lissie is out because it sounds too much like izzie. I don't like that it sounds close to words like electricity or facility

    4. Cordelia-pro: nick names are cute cordie, Delia, corrie, C.C. (Middle name will be Celeste cc comes from initials) also Cora is a cute nick name. I like that it has an antique feel and isn't popular. Easy to spell and pronounce and has literary connections to king Lear and reminds me of Buffy as well lol. Cons: people calling her deedee or Cornelia or Cornelius. Also it sounds to some people kinda clunky and old fashioned in a bad way I'm told.

    Please be as honest as you can my feelings won't be hurt. I really need help from people who love names like me. My husband can't choose and says let's have four girls and name them all lol.

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