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    Red face 2nd middle name for Dimitri??

    So I'm nearly done with names!! I just need a second middle name for Dimitri. Hoping you guys can help me out?

    So I already have one middle name for Dimitri. The middle name is Krasimir which is a family name from the Bulgarian part of my family.

    Now I don't care whether Krasimir is the first or second middle but I definitely want it in there.

    An idea I've already had is Ottavio which I like but I don't know how good it sounds with Krasimir...

    The middle name can be from any culture but we would like it to be more familiar than Krasimir obviously.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

    Love, Claire
    Fiancee to Robert "Theo” Theodore
    Mama to Lucius "Loki"

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