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    I also think of Matt Damon in the Oceans movies. Matt Damon, Bogart and Harrison Ford? Not bad associations at all, IMO!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marci0393 View Post
    I also think of Matt Damon in the Oceans movies. Matt Damon, Bogart and Harrison Ford? Not bad associations at all, IMO!
    Hahaha, I know it! It is cool that the name can fit both cute, shy little boys like the one in the Peanuts cartoon strip and very masculine, strong men like the ones you mentioned.
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    I like it, even though I do automatically associate it with Linus from Peanuts.
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    Love Linus! I find it to be the most fun and friendly and quirky of the -us or -as names (Elias, Jonas, Silas, Matthias, Justus, Cyrus, etc.), and it is by far my favorite (although I love Elias, Silas, and Cyrus, too!). I'm just dying to meet a little Linus, because every time I try to add it to my own list something just feels off. If I ever decided to honor my grandfather (who was L. B., and just L. B.) I would definitely have a little Linus--it's by far my favorite "L" name, and I love everything about it! I agree with those who think Linus from Peanuts was cute. I never really was into Peanuts, but I've watched a few of them, and at least know who he is.

    I loved (and love!) it so much I tried to name one of my main characters in a story Linus about a year ago--the story flopped, but I remember polling all my coworkers about Linus to see what they thought--very few of them thought Linus was cool, and a great many of them probably would have thought it'd be a mistake to name an actual person Linus. I don't know what that says about how Linus would be received, but I really want it to be revived! It's long been a favorite of mine, and I think it just exudes cool.

    Good luck!
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