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    I love Linus! I agree that Linus Larrabee did make a favorable impression on the name. It's a name that flies under the radar, but everyone is familiar with it, so I think it's a great choice.

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    Linus is one of my favorite boy names - I would use it in a heartbeat. The only association I was aware of was the Peanuts character, which I always thought was very cute/sweet. This Humphrey Bogart business just sweetens the pot!

    I picture a Linus to be adorable, a bit geeky, a bit quirky. Cheerful, effervescent, smart.

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    I'm not a fan... maybe I'm the only one... I think of Peanuts, and envision an extraordinarily nerdy sort of a guy...
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    I just realized that I never responded to the posts on this thread! Thank you all for the feedback. I'm glad to see that most of you find Linus usable. I see it as one of those sweet spot names -- familiar enough to not be weird or unpronounceable but rare enough to stand out and be special.
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    I love Linus. It's on our short list for a boy.

    The Peanuts association used to be really strong for me but it's not so much anymore. Besides, is there really anything wrong with the Peanuts character?

    I'm surprised that it's not becoming more popular with all of the -us names that are or are becoming more popular (Atticus, Marcus, Gus, Lucius, Magnus, etc).

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