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    I didn't put the name associations together when I read the title. Then i read the post, and I cant believe I didn't remember Linus from peanuts. Linus is a cute name for a little boy and I think will age very well. I can picture a Linus being almost anyone, doctor, soccer player, skateboarder/surfer or musician.

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    I quite like Linus and think it is totally usable!

    I know that Charlie Brown is classic but I am not sure how much kids these days actually watch it..... I don't think it is any less usable than Charlie for example..

    I have it on my LONG list.. not sure that i will ever use it but I do really like it!
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    I think Linus is cute. I don't think it's unusable at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Linus would be a great choice. It's got a friendly, laid back, folk rock kind of feel to it that I really like. It's very underused too. I don't imagine that a Linus would be teased; I always thought the Peanuts character was adorable anyway.
    I agree with everything maple stated. Linus also gives me a handsome impression.
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    I think Linus is very usable. My mind was immediately drawn to Peanuts, but Linus was always my favorite. I think it's uniqueness will serve a little Linus well- I can imagine a football player, doctor, and an artist.

    I think it's funny how you can hate some names and grow to love them. When I was in preschool, I had a classmate named Emma, and I thought the name was hideous! (the Emma in question was very sweet, so it wasn't her, per say) Granted, I was three, but I remember the feeling very clearly. And if it wasn't so darned popular, I would consider using it now.

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