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    Linus. Are the associations set in stone or could it work?

    I never liked the name Linus. Every time I heard it, I just thought of the Peanuts character and the security blanket and thought I would never want to give a child a name with such strong associations. I just watched the Sabrina movies, however, and I now have a very different impression of the name. For those of you who do not know the story, Linus is the name of a very serious, workaholic character played by Humphrey Bogart in the first version and Harrison Ford in the second. Suddenly, I began to picture Linus as a plausible name and I am really loving the way it sounds! I would love to hear the Berry impressions of the name though. What do you picture when you hear the name? Do you think a boy named Linus would get teased? What kind of person do you picture a Linus being?

    Thank you!
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    My strongest association with the name is Linus Torvalds, and then Linus Pauling. And I was a Peanuts fan as a kid! So I totally think it's usable.

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    I like Linus It's an ancient name of Classical Mythology. He was a musician and poet as well as the the inventor of melody and rhythm. Not a bad namesake. Linus in the Peanuts strip was kind of cute too!
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    Although Linus isn't really my cup of tea, I understand what you are saying about the association fading for you and the name suddenly seeming more appealing. That has happened to me with other names, especially names that I grew up disliking when I was young.

    For example, the name Agatha always seemed like an old lady name to me. Growing up it was the ultimate great-grandmother type name. But when I actually break it down into syllables and put all associations out of my mind, it suddenly because a very lovely name imo. I love how the gutteral "Aga" compliments the more soft "tha" part of the name.

    Other names that have grown on me include Edward and Edmund, nickname Ned. My grandfather was an Edward nicknamed Ned, and I didn't really like it until I read A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). The character of Eddard Stark, nn Ned, really made it more appealing to me.

    Even Luther, my son's name, didn't appeal to me in the beginning. It has strong associations that I couldn't let go of, and it seemed like such an uncommon grandfatherly name. But it grew on me, and we used and now I love it!
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    Linus would be a great choice. It's got a friendly, laid back, folk rock kind of feel to it that I really like. It's very underused too. I don't imagine that a Linus would be teased; I always thought the Peanuts character was adorable anyway.

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