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    Lovely or Just Plain Wierd...

    Hello all!

    Lately I have been loving some very unusual and uncommon names. I feel as though I may be taking naming too far and while my mother and best friend think I am insane, I quite like the sound of them! Mind you, I will most likely be raising my children in England, so the names need to sound fairly normal there. Let me know what you think!



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    I'm American, but I like them all except Niall and Primrose!
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    I'm not from the UK, so I cannot comment as to the weirdness of these names there, but here are my thoughts for what they are worth:

    Beatrix -- This name has never appealed to me, but I do appreciate its qualities. If you want to make it a little more normal, Beatrice is nice too.
    Felicity -- I think this is a lovely, happy, and light-sounding name! I am especially partial to the nn Tilly.
    Lavender -- This might be a little out-there. It is a very peaceful, pretty name though!
    Mabel -- I think Mabel is mild enough to get away with being quirky.
    Ottilie -- Pretty, but not my style.
    Primrose -- Sounds too frilly and odd for me.

    Alistair -- This seems very quintessentially British to me, so I think I would fit in well but I guess I have no idea.
    Hugo -- Reminds me of Victor Hugo which I think is a great connection! If he finds his name a little too odd, he could always go by Hugh.
    Jasper -- A little too weird for me.
    Niall -- Is a 1D member named this? If so, it should fit right in but might become too trendy for your taste.
    Phineas -- I would say it is too out-there, but Finn is very up-and-coming here, so a boy may be able to pull this name off nicely.
    Rogue -- I like word names, but this one does not have a great connotation.

    I hope that helps!
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    Most of those sound perfectly usable to me. Beatrix and Felicity are my favourites (although if you went with Beatrice, that would be the clear winner for me). I like Jasper best of your boys' names, I think.

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    I'm in England, none of these would be considered weird.

    Beatrix - tons of little Bea's around, Beatrix is less common than Beatrice but combined it would rank just inside the top 100. I think it's very pretty.
    Felicity - familiar, but not popular. It's just inside the top 200. Lovely and joyous name.
    Lavender - was not ranked in 2011, but people are familiar with it because of Harry Potter, and the flower obviously. I like it, but I think of bath products before I think of a name with this one.
    Mabel - never met one, but it was ranked at #360 in 2011. I'm not a fan.
    Ottilie - it was ranked at #778, 48 babies. It's my middle name, I've always thought it was pretty.
    Primrose - only given to 31 babies, most likely upper middle class/upper class ones. I think it's super pretty and makes me think of proper English gardens.

    Alistair - very much a dad name, or I'm guessing a grandfather name now. I like it a lot.
    Hugo - lots of Hugo's around, ranked at #139. I love Hugo, so sweet and cute.
    Jasper - one spot ahead of Hugo. This is one of my favourites, it's a wonderful name.
    Niall - familiar to most, and is ranked just inside the top 300. I am not very fond of it.
    Phineas - 5 little ones born in 2011. I like it, it's quirky and cool.
    Rogue - Why on earth would you name you child this? This is the only one I think is too much, and in a bad way too.
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