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    I only like Felicity, Mabel, Hugo, Jasper and Niall.

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    There is nothing wrong with most of your names (in Britain or anywhere else).

    I love...



    Eliminate these names...

    Rogue - please look up the meaning in a dictionary. Not a good name for a human being.
    Lavender - better in the middle spot
    Primrose - see Lavender
    All the best,

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    I'm from England and think most of your names would fit in really well here. I've come across them all before except Ottilie and Rogue, although Rogue is the only one I'm not sure would work here. Opinions given below:

    Beatrix - love this though I prefer Beatrice. It's currently an uncommon name in the UK (I don't know a single one) although its on the up & is well know due to Princess Beatrice. This is currently top of my list for daughter 2 due in 7w. My eldest daughter is Edith Anna
    Felicity - quite a common name actually I know 3 Felicity's but all aged between 30 & 45. I do like it though & wouldn't sound odd on a baby
    Lavender - uncommon name but recognisable due to character Lavender in Harry Potter & would be totally acceptable given popularity of flower names like Lilly, Iris, Poppy & Daisy. I personally like it
    Mabel - this is second on list for our daughter! Again not yet a common name but familiar, & on the up. 'Old lady' names are very popular in the UK
    Ottilie - I've only ever seen this on this site & had never heard it before so can't comment on its UK use but seems nice
    Primrose - as with Lavender not common but familiar & would be a great alternative to the more popular flower names

    Alistair - very popular name for boys of all ages, has a Scottish heritage
    Hugo - not a common name in the UK but familiar & would have 'posh' connotations. I think its cute
    Jasper - again not common but familiar. It's used quite a lot for cats here though not associated so much it would stop you using it! Usually nn Jazz
    Niall - is a 1D name but actually Irish & fairly common in England too. It could well end up trendy & dare I say it a bit chavvy (trashy?) - this happened with Rhys a few years ago a welsh name
    Phineas - I agree with Sunshine.10 not common at all only heard of Phineas Fogg but you could get away with it as Finn is very popular
    Rogue - don't like this. Random word names are not common in the UK at all despite what you might imagine from the Beckhams & usually have down market/chav connotations. I agree this also has a negative feel

    Hope this helps xxx

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    Rogue and Lavender are the only ones I dislike. The rest do not seem weird to me but lovely.
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    Beatrix: Very pretty, and similar enough to Beatrice that no one will find it too strange. The x at the end is cute and unexpected.
    Felicity: Delicate and sweet, with a great meaning and a pleasant sound.
    Lavender: Personally, I find it a bit flowery. But then I don't tend to like girly names too much.
    Mabel: Old-fashioned and charming. It's familiar but uncommon, which in my opinion is the ideal combination.
    Ottilie: I'm a big fan of Otto. Ottilie doesn't quite have the same appeal for me.
    Primrose: I immediately think of the Hunger Games character, which is not the worst association ever. Prim is a cute nickname. It manages to feel quirky and classy at the same time.

    Alistair: Gorgeous! Love it. And fairly common in the UK, though not overly so.
    Hugo: This is one of my favorite names ever. Works for all ages and has the connection with Les Miserables, not to mention that amazing -o ending.
    Jasper: This one has been getting quite popular recently, thanks to Twilight. Lovely name.
    Niall: I wouldn't consider Niall on the same sort of level as names like Hugo and Alistair. Maybe I'm biased, but I find it, I guess.
    Phineas: Very unusual, but I like it a lot. It has history and a nice ring to it.
    Rogue: Like Niall, this isn't quite up to the standard of some of your other names. It's not a great name for an adult - heck, it would be questionable on a four-year-old.
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