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Thread: Ronan VS Rowan

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    I only like Rowan on a girl, but wouldn't use it because it's too unisex where I stayed. I would use the Roan or Rohan spelling for a boy. I love Ronan and would chose that in a heartbeat if I could convince DP. Great name.
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    Both are great names! I do prefer Rowan. It is more pleasing to the ear for me. Rowan is actually the only "unisex" name I have on my girl and boy lists. I don't normally love unisex names, but Rowan is one of the exceptions. I think most people consider Rowan to be more masculine. I have even had people argue with me that Rowan is all boy and that isn't unisex. It is used more commonly on boys, so I don't think you have to worry about it losing its masculinity. We are planning on possibly using Rowan if our next child is a red head; my hubby is a red head, so we got our fingers crossed.

    Ronan is very masculine and it is a great name too though.
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    i prefer Rowan for a girl, Ronan is all boy. definetly would be excited to see a little Ronan!
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    I prefer Rowan but I cannot say why. I love Rowan on a boy.
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    I prefer Rowan. I love it for boys.

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