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    I could only use 5, so I took my favourite that I couldn't use, put the 5 names in the order I got them, and made names (but made sure girls names were with girls, and boys got boys - Finian was the one I added that didn't work because Gavin also ends with n)
    Gavin Sawyer
    Alfie Finian
    Vienna Faith

    Gavin, Alfie and Vienna! So cute, I love these! Alfie and Finian are my favourite!
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    Braelyn (Same letter and ending)
    Lilith (Same letter)
    Calixta (Same letter)

    Fox, Olly, Cal, Lenny, Beck, Maria, Petal, and Sage.

    That's as much as I can do, because the my searched right now bar just repeats itself after about 15 or so names.
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    metami43 Guest
    Bea 3
    Melinda 7
    Gage 7
    Samar 9
    Isolde 12
    Denver 14
    Leonidas 18

    Had to kick out Georgia, Brunhilda ,Boston, Melina, Ariana, Electra, Ronald, Alexane, Moze, Artemis and Mierelle

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    1. Roxanne
    2. Aquilia
    3. Ciaran
    4. Jamison (same ending)
    5. Torin (same ending)
    6. Ava (same ending)
    7. Declan (same ending)
    8. Sybil
    9. Abijah (same beginning)
    10. Valentina (same ending)
    11. Gaius
    12. Juno
    13. Beatrice (same ending)
    14. Jarrell (same ending)
    15. Aeliana (same beginning/ending)
    16. Willa (same ending)
    17. Hazel (same ending)
    18. Rosemary (same beginning)
    19. Walt
    20. Tertia (same ending)

    Roxanne (20), Aquilia (19), Ciaran (18), Sybil (13), Gaius (10), Juno (9), and Walt (2)
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    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
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    Beatrix Judith

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    Delilah (Wouldn't use)
    Barack (Wouldn't use)
    Flavius (1st Child)
    Eve (2nd Child)
    Zander (3rd Child)
    Samantha (Wouldn't use)
    Churchill (Wouldn't use)
    Cassius (Same ending as Flavius)
    Cordelia (4th Child)
    Liv (5th Child)
    Remy (6th child)
    Clara (Same start/end as Cordelia)
    Rowan (Same start as Remy)
    Linden (Same start as Liv)
    Behati (Can't pronounce)
    William (Wouldn't use)
    Evelyn (Same start as Eve)
    Pippa (Same end as Cordelia)
    Shoshana (Same end as Cordelia)
    Cian (Same start as Cordelia)

    Flavius (18)
    Eve (17)
    Zander (16)
    Cordelia (12)
    Liv (11)
    Remy (10)

    Flavius, Eve, Zander, Cordelia, Liv, and Remy
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