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    Popularity is a huge issue for me, yes. I have a very unusual name (I don't think it's technically an actual name) and while I hated that no one could pronounce or spell it at first, I'm happy my name isn't Jessica. (#1 name the year I was born.) Because of those reasons I want my children to have unusual names, but names that are easily pronounced and would be easy to spell. (Ex., Winter)

    I love the name Violet but will probably not use it because of its increasing popularity. I'd prefer my favorites to not be in, at least the top 100.

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    Popularity doesn't bother me at all! My favorite girl name is Isabella and i'am going to use despite all the Isabella out there

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    I had four Catherine/Kathryn/Katherine/Catharines in my class, so not only am I wary of top 20 names but they also must have just one spelling.
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    My daughter is izabella I hate that her name is so popular though even though I still love it and think its pretty but I sigh every time I meet another izabella/Isabella/Isabelle/Bella :/

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    I've met a lot of people with my name, but no one with my nickname. My name's popularity has never particularly bothered me, but I still wouldn't like to give any future children a name they'd have to share with three other kids in their class. Basically, the top 50 names are completely off-limits and the top 200 are only allowed if I really love them. (Sigh. Calvin, why do you have to be #189?)
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