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    How important is popularity to you and where is your cut off?

    Is popularity something that is important to you or do you just use whatever name you like regardless of popularity?

    Also what is your cut off by that I mean will you not use names that are in the top 10? Top 20? 50? 100? 500? Etc.

    I have a very popular name Samantha and I have a really boring filler type middle name. No only did I go to school with 4 other Samantha in my grade but two of them had the same first and middle and one of them had a last name that started with the same letter so our entire initials were identical. Several times there was me and another Samantha in a class and we had to use a last initial or go by Sam. I hate the nick names for my name but likes my full first name except for it being popular.

    I had my daughter at 17 I was naive thinking if I had never met anyone with that name then obviously it must be somewhat rare so I used my favorite name with our thinking of the actual popularity and used Izabella. It fits her and I think it's beautiful but it's scared me away from using popular names ever again. My sons are named Holden and sawyer and though they are somewhat popular they aren't in the top 100. For boys I won't use a top 200 names. For girls I like to use nothing in the top 500 with the exception of one of
    My current considerations Cecelia.

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