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    Down to just a few names!

    Our son is Orson Chandler Luck. (Chandler is my maiden name) Our second son will be here in a few weeks! It's been such a challenge finding a name this time around. Here's whet we've come up with...

    Boone Parker (my husbands pick)

    Ben Parker (my grandfathers namesake)

    Woodrow Parker (not sure that we want a nickname)

    Parker (my mothers maiden name not sure of a middle name)

    Can't wait to hear your feedback, good or bad!

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    Love your son's name, Orson is awesome!

    Boone Parker - Totally agree with your husband this name is pretty cool! Granted, I live in a rural part of America and this is just up my alley.

    Ben Parker - I have always loved the name Ben, is the first name going to be Ben or Benjamin?

    Woodrow Parker - I agree about not wanting a nn for this name, my husband and I both love this name, however we are worried about the nn Woody.

    Parker - I like this as a middle name as opposed to a first name.

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    Great feedback!!! Thank you so much.
    We're really thrilled to see other people so excited about Boone. We're really liking it! My husband and I are high school sweethearts from Oklahoma and sense we've been married we've not really been back. Currently on the west coast and moving to the east coast in Aug. we're trying to find a name to pay homage to our "okie" roots, which is where both Boone and Woodrow come from : ) Still love Woodrow and I even love Woody, but since Orson doesn't have a nn (none of us do) we like the idea of names with no nicknames. Thank you for your response!

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    Orson is such a lovely name! I think that Parker would pair the best with Orson, too me Orson and Parker would be the cutest sib-set ever!

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    Boone Parker (my husbands pick)- I initially misread this with only 1 'o'... which would make it possibly sexual. Not really a fan. I also don't like a 1 syllable fn with the one syllable ln of Luck.

    Ben Parker (my grandfathers namesake)- I like Ben as a nn, but not as a full name. I love Benton, Benson, and Benjamin. I'd love Orson and Benson/ Benton. Adorable... Ditto about the 1 syllable thing...

    Woodrow Parker (not sure that we want a nickname)- Another name with a possibly sexual nn... Woodrow might be better as a mn.

    Parker (my mothers maiden name not sure of a middle name)- Not my fav name, but I like that it has a personal meaning... I don't see it going with Orson as well.

    Parker Anthony Luck
    Parker Everett Luck
    Parker Elliott Luck
    Parker Atticus Luck
    Parker Darius Luck
    Parker Elijah Luck
    Parker Sebastian Luck
    Parker Timothy Luck
    Parker Jameson Luck
    Parker Jefferson Luck
    Currently exiled from the US

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