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    My newest crush is Mary-Juliet, but I need some opinions on it before I can let myself really fall for it. Firstly, do you think all double names are awful? I've always been biased against them, but have been researching my family tree and found generations upon generations of double names on my French side. I know they can be a bit of a burden, as I understand it the main problem is that people only call you by the first part, but we'd probably use Mary more anyway. I worry that she'd find Mary alone a little too plain. Secondly, the name itself? I love love love both Mary and Juliet (especially as middle names, they're both family names) and think they sound nice together, still a little bit unsure though. Thirdly, any other unusual variants of Mary you'd suggest instead? It is super important for us to use some version of Mary, but we also really want to use Rachel as a mn, and 'Mary Rachel' together sounds a little uninspired. I love Rosemary already, and am considering Marianne (nn Marnie?). What do you think?

    So, is Mary-Juliet a keeper? Any and all opinions welcome, I'm supposed to be revising for finals so I need distracting

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