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Thread: Julia?

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    Julia is simply stunning and one of my favorite names as well! I definitely consider Julia a classic. Julia Caroline is a gorgeous combo.

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    Julia Caroline is lovely - another favorite of mine is Julia Claire.

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    I love the name Julia. I do consider it to be a classic (it's even been in the top 150 since 1880). I obviously used the combo Julia Paige. Julia Caroline is lovely as well.
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    I love the name Julia! So pretty and feminine. I like your combo of Julia Caroline okay, but I would prefer a shorter middle name with it, as some of the previous posters suggested.

    Julia Claire, Julia Paige, and Julia Rose are my favorites mentioned
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    Julia is one of my favorite names! It is timeless and really beautiful. Although I'm not a fan of Caroline, I think the two names go well together.

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