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Thread: Julia?

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    I have already used Juliette (Sophie-Claire Juliette) I was thinking Julia would sound nice with the others... and our last name ends with "ah" sound, so it sounds nice with the last name... plus, it is not a name I am hearing on little ones... however, I dislike Julie... I wonder if a Julie would be called "Julie"....
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    Julia is nice but a little dated, in my opinion. I think most people would agree that Julie is a very dated name (similar to names like Lisa, Michelle and Jennifer) and I think it's only a matter of time before Julia follows suit. Julianne is nicer, in my opinion. Juliana sounds a little pretentious. Juliet is nms.

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    I am 25 years old and my name is Julia. I was named after my great-grandmother. I love my name, it has a classic feel and I have hardly ever met other Julia's. I have one other cousin in my family with that name, but other than that I have only ever met Julie's.

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    I agree that Julia is just about as classic as they come (used since ancient Rome)

    I had 2 great-grandmothers and an aunt with the name. I don't think nn Julie is inevitable, although Jules might be!

    I like Julia Caroline, other suggestions based on your daughter's name:

    Julia Cecile

    Julia Celeste

    Julia Delphine

    Julia Fleur

    Julia Mirabelle

    Julia Noelle

    Julia Simone

    Julia Valentine

    Julia Vivienne
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