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    is Davey/Davy too nicknamey?

    I love the name Davey, but I sort of dislike David. Is Davey/Davy an acceptable alternative? Is it too nicknamey? Is the Davy Jones association too much?
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    I don't like nicknames as names in general, so I'm not a fan. I especially dislike it because everyone will assume his name is David. I'd go for Dante, David, or Davis.
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    I think it's personally too nicknamey to work as a first name. Even Dave nn Davey would be slightly better.

    How about:

    Davin/Devin/Devon (Davey could work as a nickname dependent on how you say them)
    Davinci (a bit pretentious, mind you)

    There's probably more names out there that Davey could work as a nickname for, and I don't think of Davy Jones at all.

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