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    1.) Carolina

    2.) Vivienne

    3.) Laura

    4.) Ginevra

    5.) Amelie

    6.) Cosette

    7.) Eleanor

    8.) Diana

    9.) Felicity

    10.) Adelaide

    11.) Sloane

    12.) Isabeau
    -- Lottie --

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    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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    Southern United States.
    If I had a baby right now, I'd name it,
    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
    I also like Cashel, Gabriel, Genevieve, & Juliette. + So much more.
    I'm Ashley btw, and I'm 20!

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    (><) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world domination.

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    1. Name: Mahalia Graciela Isadora "Mae"
    Age 17
    Long auburn hair and gray eyes. The best dancer.
    Strong and loving

    2. Name: Nerida Josefina Aurora "Rida"
    Age 16
    Strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes.
    Independent and enthusiastic

    3. Name: Alexia Esmeralda Cordelia "Lex"
    Age 15
    Golden-blond hair and emerald green eyes
    Compassionate and sensitive

    4. Name: Ophelia Valentina Minerva "Lia"
    Age 13
    Light brown hair and dark brown eyes
    Witty and inventive

    5. Name: Hestia Maricela Scarlett "Hes"
    Age 12
    Wavy red hair and light blue eyes
    Ambitious and smart

    6. Name: Carina Celestina Serena "Cari"
    Age 11 (twin)
    Curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes
    Shy and quiet

    7. Name: Celina Angelica Lucia "Celi"
    Age 11 (twin)
    Straight dark brown hair and greenish gray eyes
    Friendly and outgoing

    8. Name: Leora Catalina Octavia "Leo"
    Age 10
    Slightly wavy medium-brown hair and brown eyes
    Energetic and imaginative

    9. Name: Thalia Francisca Drusilla "Thal"
    Age 8
    Light blond hair and blue-green eyes
    Imaginative and adventurous

    10. Name: Iiana Carolina Estella "Ana"
    Age 7
    Medium-red hair and blue-gray eyes
    Idealistic and optimistic

    11. Name: Eulalia Rosalinda Laelia "Eula"
    Age 6
    Black hair and brown eyes
    Sweet and lovable

    12. Name: Sirena Genoveva Valeria "Sir"
    Age 5
    Dark brown hair and light brown eyes
    Mischievous and funny

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