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    I don't think Carter would be a horrible choice for a girl. Yes, written down everyone would think Carter was a boy, and I generally find boy names on girls to be pretentious sometimes (like Logan, Colby, Hunter etc) but Carter isn't horrible for a girl. I think you could get away with it. I have observed a lot of girls with boy names and they are all very prissy and girly (almost like they are trying to prove they're not a boy as they likely have been mistaken for once since birth), so that's something you should probably take into consideration.

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    Just know that when you tell people your kids' names they will assume you have two boys. But if that doesn't bother you, go for it. I know a little girl named Parker and although it's not for me, it's adorable and it works.

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    Yes! I really like it!
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    I have seen a lot of unisex/boys names used on girls to the point that it feels overdone. If you are wanting to be different, go another route. However, if this is the name you love, then go for it. Just a note though, I think Elizabeth Carter sounds much classier and so distinguished.

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    I'm really not a fan, but I have a male name (and am female) and it has been a total hassle. I was teased in school, I am constantly having to correct people who think I'm a man and get correspondence to Mr. I don't like unisex names in general, but Carter doesn't even feel unisex, it's all male to me.
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