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    What do you think this girl's name?

    We are thinking of Carter Elizabeth for our little girl. Her brother’s name is Preston. What do you think of that name?

    I realize it is a boys name... but Jamie, Taylor, Blake, Ryan, and Carson ect. are also used for girls. So the fact that Carter isn't that feminine doesn't bother us. Let me know what you think

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    I would think Carter and Preston would be brothers, rather than brother and sister, sorry. Plus, I don't like the harsh 'rt' sound, and it rhymes with 'farter' (yes, I'm immature, but getting in the mindset of a six year old helps sometimes). There are plenty of girls' names that aren't overtly feminine out there without needing to take from the boys' side, or even a unisex name.


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    I would definitely assume that Carter and Preston were brothers. I know there are plenty of people out there who have used boys names on their girls but that to me doesn't make it okay, just makes it confusing for people who have to guess your child's sex when it's written down FN, LN.

    I think Quinn Elizabeth was a nice suggestion, or how about Tamsin?
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    I am not a hater of unisex names. However, Carter is all male to me. Preston and Carter, written down, sound like brothers.

    But from an objective view, Carter Elizabeth works. They sound good together and Elizabeth brings in a classic femininity.
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    Carter and Preston sound like brothers to me too. I think people might think that you were wishing Carter was a boy, so you gave her a boy's name. There are some great unisex names like Rowan, Quinn, Riley, Rory and etc. Carter is all boy to me. Even seeing Elizabeth as a middle name, I would assume it is a boy.

    My own personal opinions aside. Carter Elizabeth flows well and Carter and Preston both share the same type of trendy/modern vibe. They work well together.
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