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  • Henry "Hank" (Henryk)

    12 44.44%
  • Andrew "Drew" (Andrej)

    7 25.93%
  • James (Jasu)

    4 14.81%
  • Matthew "Matt" (Mateusz)

    4 14.81%
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    Classic Boy Names with Polish Translations - Which ones do you like?

    Hi, we are expecting our first child, a son, this October and have a short list of strong, classic boys names. They need to have a Polish translation so typically they tend to be saints names. Which one is your favorite and any others that may fall into this list that I have overlooked?

    Henry "Hank" (Henryk)
    Andrew "Drew" (Andrzej)
    James (Jasu)
    Matthew "Matt" (Mateusz)

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    Henry "Hank" (Henryk) - I like Henry and Henryk, but I'm not so keen on Hank.
    Andrew "Drew" (Andrzej) - Again, like the names but not so keen on the nickname.
    James (Jasu) - Like James, but Jasu sounds a bit like Jason missing the 'n' to me.
    Matthew "Matt" (Mateusz) - I really like Mateusz, in fact even moreso than Matthew. This would be my pick.

    How often would you be using the Polish name?

    Only other Polish name I can think of is Tadeusz (I think it's spelt like this, something close to it anyway) - I had a half-Polish flatmate a couple of years ago and this was his middle name. I believe it's a variant of Thomas, though I could be wrong on that, I'm not that clued up on Polish boys' names, I'm afraid.

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    I'd go for Andrew/ Anrzej... Have you thought about Andre or Anders with the Polish name of Anzerj? I much prefer Anders to Andrew...
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    I voted for Henry (Henryk) on your poll. However, my favourite Polish name is Casimir (Kazimierz). I also like Stanislas (Stanislaw), Ladislas (Wladyslaw), Wenceslaus (Waclaw) and Simon (Szymon).
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    I really like Henry (Henryk) as Henrik is a family name and I really like Henry.

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