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    Congratulations!!! You have a very nice list!! Really I like them all... but my favorite would be Genevieve Grace! I just love it, and it flows very well!!
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    I really like your list. My favourite would be Genevieve. Alex@ndra and Genevieve sounds so great together.

    Genevieve Grace P@rker (NN would prob be G.G., Genna or Evie)
    Anavieve/Annevieve Grace P@rker - I like it. Just heard it today. This would be my 3rd choice.
    Penelope Grace P@rker - I love this combo, but have the same problem with you. Dislike Penny..
    Juliette Grace P@rker - have to say no. Juliette and Jules sounds close. Your family may call her by her full name, but maybe someone elsse will shorten it to Jules too.
    Charlotte Grace P@rker - my 2nd from your list. It's classic and beautiful.
    Madelyn Grace P@rker - prefer Madeline spelling.
    Madeline Grace P@rker - pretty!
    Gemma Grace P@rker - sounds a bit short next to Alex@ndra
    Brenna Grace P@rker - same as above.

    Adelyn - Prefer Adeline.
    Everleigh - like. I think it'll age well.
    December - dislike, sorry.
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    Thanks everyone for the input! Looks like the top two are Genevieve and Madeline. Those were my top two as well with December rounding out my top 3.

    I am not sure what I like so much about December. I was looking at one of my forms and it said December; Parker and I just kinda liked the way it sounded. I just dont know if I could name a real child December but I really like the sound of it!

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    I'm a fan of alliterations so I'm instantly attracted to Genevieve Grace and Gemma Grace. I also love Brenna Grace. Charlotte Grace is nice but too common/popular.

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    Genevieve Grace or Annevieve Grace would be my vote. There's something about Genevieve and Alex@ndra that I like.
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