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    Due December 2013... Opinions

    So we still haven't told anyone we are pregnant. I will be 12 weeks at the end of the month so we will be doing a big reveal Memorial Weekend when we go to visit family. However, not being able to talk about the awful morning sickness or baby names is making me crazy.

    We have two children already... Alex@ndra (Allie) and Keeg@n... LN is P@rker Our styles for boys and girls names are VERY different.

    Here are our girls names so far...

    Genevieve Grace P@rker (NN would prob be G.G., Genna or Evie)
    Anavieve/Annevieve Grace P@rker (not sure I would actually use it but its a family tree find and its similar to my favorite Genevieve)
    Penelope Grace P@rker (dont like the nn Penny... slowly fell in love with this name after repeated exposure while watching Criminal Minds... love Ms. Penelope Garcia from the show)
    Juliette Grace P@rker (No nicknames because of 13 year old niece who goes by Jules and JuJu and we see often... not even sure I would use it because its so similar to nieces name)
    Charlotte Grace P@rker (No nicknames because I dont like Charlie, Carlie, or Lottie)
    Madelyn Grace P@rker (NN would be Mads/Maddie)
    Madeline Grace P@rker (NN would be Mads/Maddie)
    Gemma Grace P@rker (Might occasionally call her Gem)
    Brenna Grace P@rker (Might occasionally call her Brenn)

    Guilty Pleasure Names... (not sure if I would use them, but I still like them)
    Adelyn Grace P@rker (After all the combined spellings, so popular but this is my husbands absolute favorite and I really like it too... and we would call her Adelyn, no nickname)
    Everleigh Grace P@rker (Love the sound of this name, but can a grown woman pull it off?)
    December Grace P@rker (Is this name just too out there? Does the double ER in December and P@rker sound off?)

    I am open to other suggestions as well as opinions on the names I've listed! Thanks so much!!!

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