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    Serena- Sailor Moon! which I like the show, but I knew a Serena or two and both were unusual not in good way
    Selena- LOVE it reminds me of Selina Kyle fro mBatman and Selena Gomez
    Seraphina- cute
    Sabrina- My name, I love it but ew everyone said teenage witch association makes me so sad that that's what people think of! I think of the poem Sabrina Fair or the movie Sabrina.
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    Serena - Serene or Serena Williams the tennis player
    Selena - nothing really, its a pretty name
    Seraphina - LOVE this name, I instantly think of Jennifer Garner's daughter
    Sabrina - the teenage witch

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    Serena- Serena Williams
    Selena- Selena Gomez and the late singer who died in the 90s.
    Seraphina- Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner's kid (nicknamed Sera/Sarah for short).
    Sabrina- teenage witch. Also the old old movie of the same name.

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    Thank you so much

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    Serena- I think of Serena Williams. But once I get past that I think of someone very...well...serene. Lol. I think of someone peaceful and pretty kinda on the quiet side. I'd give this name a 6.
    Selena- slightly reminds me of Selena Gomez and the singer Selena who died in the nineties. It's very like able and pretty. Give it an 8.
    Seraphina- love the name as a whole but dislike the nick names FiFi and Sera I'm just not a fan of Sara it's a little stale. Seraphina is flashy and feminine. I give it a 9.
    Sabrina- reminds me of Audrey Hepburns movie and character Sabrina. Comes off very classy and sophisticated and the most like able of your choices sounds like someone very friendly. I like the nick name Bri, Brina and sabra. Also I think this names falling out of popularity so it is familiar but not real common for this generation of kids.

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