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    Serena: Peace and tranquility. A little girl sitting quietly coloring or reading a book.
    Selena: My middle name is Celina, so Selena reminds me of me. It also reminds me of the moon in the night sky.
    Seraphina: Seraphina for some reason makes me think of herbs and spices. Not sure why. Feels natural and beautiful, but exotic.
    Sabrina: The teenage witch. I do like this name though.
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    Serena - Serena Williams, the tennis player. Great name!

    Selena - Singers, sorry

    Seraphina- Seraphina Affleck, but I love the name anyway. angelic!

    Sabrina - teenage witch, never really been a fan of the name
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    Serena -- the sister on Bewitched (and I only think of this because my name is Sabrina and people always would ask me if I was named after the sister on Bewitched, but her name was SERENA, not SABRINA )

    Selena -- I like this name, had a good friend named Celina.

    Seraphina -- love this name, makes me think of Seraphim angels

    Sabrina -- my name. Makes me sad that it is now associated with the teenage witch. I was named after the Audrey Hepburn movie. I've always loved my name.
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    Serena - Serena Williams, but also a sea
    Selena - moon, Mexican girl, Greek myth
    Seraphina - angels
    Sabrina - teenage witch, a river Sabrina
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    What do you imagine when you hear these names? What do you picture?

    Serena - Samantha's cousin from Bewitched.
    Selena - Selene, the moon goddess/personification
    Seraphina - Serafina Pekkala from His Dark Materials, followed by Looking for Alibrandi.
    Sabrina - the teenage witch, and the Audrey Hepburn movie.

    None of them are bad associations for me, so I like all the names. Would probably not use Seraphina myself but would consider the others.

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