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    They all make me think of blonde cheerleaders, except for Seraphina.

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    Serena- I know a lot of hispanic/Latino girls with this name, so I tend to picture this as a name for a pretty Latin little girl
    Selena- see above
    Seraphina- This one is very frilly and I picture lots of ruffles and lace and tea parties etc.
    Sabrina- it goes between Sabrina the teenage witch and Audrey Hepburn
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    Serena: Tennis player Serena Williams
    Selena: Selena Gomez
    Seraphina: cute name
    Sabrina: the teenage witch

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    Serena - It gives me a peaceful, magical, fantasy like vibe. Makes me think of serenity and nighttime (not because of Selena).

    Selena - It gives me a whimsical, magical vibe. Makes me think of the moon, the night sky, and nighttime. Selena Gomez briefly crosses my mind. I wouldn't consider SG a bad association though; she's nice and she's really pretty.

    Seraphina - It gives me a magical, whimsical, frilly/princessy, fantasy like vibe. It gives me a powerful and tranquil vibe at the same time. Makes me think of angels and the elements.

    Love all three!

    Sabrina - I used to watch reruns of that show "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" when I was younger. It makes me think of that. I don't really think of anything else. I don't think kids in the future would make that connection though. Personally I've never been a big fan of the name Sabrina, but it's a pretty name.

    These are just the vibes I get off of the names themselves. That would change depending on who's bearing the name.
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    Thanks a lot
    Anyone else?

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