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    I really like the name Dean - it is handsome, cool, and scholarly all at the same time. Sounds good with Nils, also, where something like Axel might overpower as a sibling name...What about Dean Henry?
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    We're expecting baby boy #3 in 2 weeks and his name will be Henry. Love it! We are planning to use the nickname Huck so I guess if there are too many Henry's around he can just go by that. Our other sons are Oliver and Miles so popularity is not a huge issue for us. Just use the name you love!

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    I think Henry will be a top 10 soon ... lovely name, but this probability would be a deal-breaker for me. I really like Dean ... a lot. I haven't heard anyone use the name recently
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    I don't think Henry will be top 10 soon. Maybe 5-10 years. It's still rising in popularity but it's only steadily rising, as opposed to rising by leaps and bounds.

    I have a cousin named Peter and he doesn't get teased for his name.
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    I've never met a Peter who gets teased for his name... I wouldn't use Henry as a first name if he'll have a cousin with that name but maybe for a middle name? I normally don't like names that start with D but Dean doesn't bother me. I knew an adorable Dean in college, sweet guy!

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