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    Is Henry going top 10?

    Hubs and I just cannot agree on a boys name. My heart still lies with Dean as its strong but not uber masculine. Its not super popular but easily pronounceable and spell-able. My husband doesn't dislike it but says its a little boring.

    He likes Henry which is a family name for both of us. However, my first cousin had a little Henry last September. I asked her and she said would have "absolutely no problem" with us using the name as well since Henry was my great grandfather too. I think it would be a little weird taht my grandmother would have two great grandsons named Henry.

    So, on top of the family issue, Henry seems to be inching its way to the top 10 which is totally not my thing. What do you think? Think Henry is going to stall out or will it be top 10?

    Other names I like are

    Peter- DH likes, but thinks he will get teased


    Olin- Afraid he will spend his life telling people he is not Owen

    Axel- Another family name I like


    mn would be Jon or Michael.

    last night my husband said "you can name this baby whatever you want"....he doesnt know what he is in for
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    I have a nephew named Dean. Although it's not my fav, it fits him and I don't think he's ever been teased. Also, Dean Martin is a great namesake. I'm pretty sure Henry will continue to rise. I'm not sure how high it will go, but it will be popular. That said, I don't think that that alone should deter you. How often do you see your cousin? I have some cousins I've never met, and some that I only see every 5 years or so... in which case it wouldn't be a big issue. Peter is a great name, and I don't think it would cause him to be teased. I know probably 5 or 6 Peters, and I never heard any of them teased. However, I don't like Peter Jon, and Peter Michael (hahaha)... I only know old men named Von... would you consider Sullivan, nn Van/ Ivan? If I met a boy named Olin, I'd assume his name was Owen and he had a speech impediment. Axel is a bit over-the-top for me. It's like the most hyper-masculine name EVER. Moreover, it's not very wearable. I think of Axel as very manly with leather and a motorcycle... I don't see it fitting an overweight, bald, 55 year old, cubicle-dwelling accountant. I love Frederick Michael, but I would spell it this way. Are you ok with the nns Fred and Freddie? I'd say Peter, Dean, or Frederick from your choices.
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    I absolutely adore Henry and will probably use it as a middle for a son if I ever have one. I'm not sure about using it after your cousin though, as I think I'd feel a bit odd having the same first name as one of my second cousins, though it doesn't matter if it's in the middle and I guess it depends on whether they would see each other often and if you think it would cause confusion in the family or not. I don't like Dean much at all unfortunately - it's a bit chavvy here in the UK.

    Of your other names I love Peter, Axel and Fred(e)ri(c)k.
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    We have an almost-four-year-old Peter and he doesn't get teased (perhaps he's too young?)! Obviously we're biased but we adore his name and it complements his older brother Henry's name wonderfully! Such strong classics. I truly don't think you can go wrong. Best Wishes!

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    I think Henry will definitely be in the top 10 soon. I hear parents calling out for Henry daily. In my daughters preschool class of 12 kids, 2 of them are Henry! I LOVE the name, but it is very popular. Axel is a good alternative, and would still be a family name for you.
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