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    Love Norah. Or you could do Eleanor with Norah as a nick name

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    Okay, you like Claire, Lauren, Isla and Norah. Middle name Anne. Sister Ellie. Is Ellie short for something? What is her middle name?
    Maybe you will love:
    Laurie/Lori Anne - she could go by her full name. I once babysat a girl named Lorianne.
    I also knew girls at my high school named Rayanne and Reanne. Could you use Anne in the first name? Breanne, Beth-Anne, Julianne, Leanne, Luann, Ruthanne, Roxanne, Susanne/Suzanne?
    Some other names you might like:
    Faith Anne
    Violet Anne
    Vivienne Anne
    Charlotte Anne
    Adeline/Adelyn/Adalyn Anne
    Emmeline Anne
    Linden Anne
    Lucille Anne, Lucy Anne, Lulu Anne
    Mabel Anne
    Hazel Anne
    That was actually pretty difficult. I didn't want to suggest anything too L heavy and close to Ellie or anything that ended in an A.
    Good luck!

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    I think Claire and Ellie and Isla and Ellie are perfect for siblings!
    Claire Anne works a bit better then Isla Anne though, I think, so that gets my vote.
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