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    I love Claire Anne and Clara Anne. So pretty! Someone suggested Hillary Anne, I love that too. But being that I am Hilary, I may be be kind of bias. ;-) I love my name, though, I highly recommend it. Lucy Anne, Esme/Esmae Anne, Victoria Anne, Daisy Anne, Samantha Anne, Avery Anne, Everly Anne, Emily Anne, Kendra Anne, Renee Anne, Maybell/Maebell Anne, Ruby Anne are some cute names too!

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    Another vote for Norah! I also like Isla a lot.

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    I love Norah Anne! I also would consider using Anne as a first name. It is so classic and pretty and understated and pairs well with sister Ellie.

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    I love Isla. But that is because it is my niece's name. Isla Maple. I think Isla Anne goes well together.

    Norah is pretty.

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    The only one on your list that really works with Anne for me is Norah. Norah Anne is nice, I like it. The rest all sound... off with Anne in the middle, so based on sound of combo alone I would pick Norah, though really none of them are GREAT with Anne, to me.

    But based on which one I prefer, I like Claire. I just think Claire is so pretty in it's simplicity and can definitely grow with a child to adulthood. That being said, Claire Anne is a bit mono to me.

    If I were to suggest an alternative....

    Anna Claire is lovely. And Ellie and Anna sound great together.
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