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    What do you think about having the adults take one name and name the children all the diminutives of it before moving onto another name? Would having Lizzie, Beth and Ellie in the same story - all diminutives of Elizabeth - be too confusing? I'd try and use distinctive diminutives - not a Lizzie and a Libby, for example - for the children rescued. To me it seems like a compromise between being impersonal but also individual enough not to confuse the reader.

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    It's a nice idea but at first glance it would appear to me that a given adult would be claiming responsibility for those children, in a parental, warm fashion. Since you want to invoke anonymity and the total ownership by the state, I think it might undermine that.
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    I like the idea of being named for who found them or where they were found. Alternatively, they could just have a list of names and everyone just got a name from the list, the next one available. They're soldiers, right? So if there's a list, say, it's Abby then Amy, and Abby dies in battle, the next baby that comes in is named Abby. So there's only as many places in the army as there are names.
    Or, you could have more than one soldier-training-orphanage, and at one, all the soldiers get a name from the list A-J, and at another, it's K-Q. Just throwing out ideas, here. I'm still against numbers, though. Too impersonal + too confusing for a reader.

    (the concept of naming from a list is used in the book Daughter of Smoke and Bone & the sequel, Days of Blood and Starlight.)
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