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    Just how old are they? At first, they aren't understanding the concept of names, but then, they are giving each other nicknames. First thing: pick an age range. Still very young, as in 5-8, where they are understanding basic concepts and have real intelligence and a sense of self and identity, or younger, when a personality hasn't yet developed? If it's younger, then the names would be more physical characteristic-based, whereas if they already had some intelligence, the might have a personality, to name them by, or they might already have names for themselves. If they are old enough, they've probably given each other names. If they're younger, then they haven't.

    I don't like the idea of naming using numbers, it would keep the story much more impersonal and distant, as well as hard to keep track of. If you right, "Six ran down the hallway, took a right, and gasped in surprise as he ran straight into Winnie the Poo", the most personal, recognizable thing in the sentence is Winnie the Poo, but you want it to be your character.
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