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    Names for children not named at birth

    This is kind of complicated, but here goes:

    Imagine an orphanage, where children have been abandoned at birth, but they were not given names by the people that raised them or any sort of education; instead, trained to fight and be the next generation of soldiers. A few of these children get rescued - ones that are still quite young. But obviously I'm going to need to identify between the group of children (likely going to be about six of them), but I don't know how.

    I could have the people that rescue them give each of them a name, but the child is unlikely to recognise their name after not having one for the rest of their life, and I can't have the child pick their own because they won't understand the concept of names.

    Do I just refer to each of them by a characteristic and turn that into a sort of nickname - Ginger, Freckles for example?

    I can't call them Rescued Boy 1, Rescued Girl 3 etc, but I just don't know how to term them.

    And if I do go for the people rescuing them giving each one a name, what sort of names would work? Something simple that they don't know anyone else by that name? Name them after a fallen friend or family member?

    It's a bit of an unconventional naming question, but I'd appreciate any thoughts on this. And also, if I do go with a simple name, what sort of names do you put under that category?

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