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Thread: khaleesi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arya View Post
    David J. Peterson is the linguist who has been working on creating the Dothraki language (and some others). Also, if we want to be technical about the pronunciation he created, the stress would be on the first syllable, and the kh is pronounced as the velar [x] (like Bach), in the back of the throat. I have also read that in Dothraki, any repeated vowels when written, such as the -ee- in khaleesi, would be pronounced separately. Thus, we'd have something more equivalent to XAL-eh-eh-see. Or at least, more simplified, KHAL-eh-see. (not in IPA, of course)
    Perfect explanation, thank you for this!

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    I liked it a few years ago but spelled it Kelici. Never really had a shot though its too strange

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    Totally agree with other posters who said that naming a baby Khaleesi is basically naming your baby Queen... Not something I would do, and personally think is kinda ridiculous.

    On the other hand Daenerys is totally a guilty pleasure name for me - love it
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    I think it's funny that people are naming their kids after a show/book series that isn't even finished.

    If anyone knows GRRM (the author and creator) you never know the fate or intention of his characters until the bitter end. I love Daenerys aka Khaleesi but I won't be naming my kid after a half finished character. I also love the name Arya, but I know she is headed down a dark path and wouldn't name a child that until the books are finished.
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    I would also like to add that GRRM pronounces it as Kha-LEE-si, but as David Peterson developed the language, every vowel became stressed, and you could have a string of vowels. So eeia would be pronounced "eh-eh-ee-ah" (that is not a Dothraki word by the way)

    However, he did conceded that this deviated from the author's original intended pronunciation and allowed that in-universe, it would have deviated in pronunciation from Khal-eh-eh-si to Kha-LEE-si through all normal acts of language shifts.

    From his blog:

    "While for the most part the schema I came up with above worked out pretty well, there were a couple places where it may have caused more problems than it solved. One obvious one is the word khaleesi. Going by Dothraki’s spelling system, the word should be pronounced [ˈ] (or KHA-lay-yay-see). More often than not, though, it’s pronounced [ka.ˈ] (or kah-LEE-see). There’s not much to say about the [k] and the stress (bound to happen), but the “ee” part is troubling. It seems quite sensible that any English speaker would pronounce the “ee” as if it were like the “ee” in “keep” or “seem”. What wasn’t sensible, perhaps, was my idea that it wouldn’t be any trouble to switch over to the “real” Dothraki pronunciation (i.e. pronouncing it just like it’s spelled). Evidently they made an executive decision on the show to pronounce it like the “ee” in “keep” even when it’s spoken in Dothraki. And I suppose I can’t blame them. It does seem reasonable enough. If I had it to do over, perhaps I would’ve bent the rules just a little bit and made the official spelling khalisi—or maybe even khalissi to get the stress right. Oh well. Live and learn."

    But then again, GRRM also pronounces Dothraki like "DothrakEYE" which is just absurd, and he invented it!

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