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Thread: khaleesi!

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    Save it for a cat. I love @bigsweater's suggestion. It is a great name for a Siamese cat, or any other exotic looking cat.
    While I love, love, love GoT, I would not name my daughter Khaleesi, regardless of how it is pronounced.
    I am considering Ygritte as a mn though, and I loved Brienne even before I loved GoT, and it's at the top of my list.
    If you love Khaleesi, use it as a mn only. I love when people use a name of a beloved character, but I would roll my eyes at someone with this name. It doesn't work in the real world.

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    Too tied to GoT. Have you considered Calais? It's a French town, pronounced kha-LAY

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    Thanks berries for your wonderful opinions :-)
    I guess its going to be on my GP list

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    Well, I know that in Dutch the written 'ee' is said similar to 'ay', so maybe that's where the pronunciation comes from?

    I agree that its a name best fit for a feline - not a human baby.
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    David J. Peterson is the linguist who has been working on creating the Dothraki language (and some others). Also, if we want to be technical about the pronunciation he created, the stress would be on the first syllable, and the kh is pronounced as the velar [x] (like Bach), in the back of the throat. I have also read that in Dothraki, any repeated vowels when written, such as the -ee- in khaleesi, would be pronounced separately. Thus, we'd have something more equivalent to XAL-eh-eh-see. Or at least, more simplified, KHAL-eh-see. (not in IPA, of course)

    As for using khaleesi as a name (mainstream pronunciation or otherwise), I think using it for a pet is okay, but it is essentially giving your child or pet a title as a name, as previously mentioned.

    I love A Song of Ice and Fire and Martin's other works, but I can't get behind khaleesi as a name. The series is a rich source of names, however, with no lack of characters or history.

    **Edited to add***
    I meant to say this earlier, but forgot!

    Martin himself does pronounce this ka-LEE-see, and since he's the guy who invented the word, I have no problem deferring to him
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