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    Stuck between two names

    My husband and I have narrowed down our choices for our second daughter arriving in September to two names (although I'm still open to suggestions). Which do you prefer: Hanna Marin or Quinn Lucille (not set on this mn: also considering Lilianna, Louise, Audrey, Sophia or ?)?

    Keep in mind:
    Older sister's name is Reagan Ellis.
    Hanna is my husband's favorite. I like it but it is so popular. I grew up with a too popular name (Sarah).
    We both love Quinn but it is my niece's middle name. Is that a big deal?

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    Just want to let you know that Hanna Marin (that spelling exactly) is the first name and last name of a main character on the popular tv/book series, Pretty Little Liars, which has a seriously huge following, especially among younger girls. Definitely something to avoid. Hanna Lucille would be lovely, though, and I quite like the idea of Quinn Audrey with Reagan Ellis! And it's not a big deal if it's your niece's middle name.
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    Reagan and Quinn go better together, but I would speak to your niece's parents if you are seriously considering it. A friend of mine used a name similar (not even the same name) to her niece's middle name for her daughter and her sister-in-law made a really big deal out of it, saying that my friend stole the name, that she was unoriginal, refusing to use the baby's name. It was a massive drama and really stressed my friend out, so my advice would be make sure she's cool with it.
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    I don't think a middle name being shared with your niece is too bad. As long as her parents don't mind!

    Both combos are nice. I think Quinn Lucille best goes with your elder daughter's name though!
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    I really like Quinn. I agree that Hanna Marin needs to be avoided (due to the PLL reference), but Hannah Quinn would even be nice.
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