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Thread: khaleesi!

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    David J. Peterson said that the pronunciation is Kha-lay-see

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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    It's pronounced Khal-EE-see, I don't know where you've heard that "kha-ley-see" should be the correct pronunciation, but it's not. There's no "ley" sound in the word.

    I personally think it would be bizarre to name a child Khal or Khaleesi, but that might just be me who's an absolute A Song of Ice and Fire nerd. To me it would be just as obnoxious as naming your child King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Tsar or Tsaritsa. It's a title, not a name. If you like the character, I'd suggest you to use Daenerys or Dany instead.

    Can't say I'm fond of Petronilla either.
    All of this. I'm an avid ASOIAF nerd and I hate seeing babies named Khaleesi. It's just like naming your kid King or Queen. At least use Daenerys instead if you love the character.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    David J. Peterson said that the pronunciation is Kha-lay-see
    And he is...?

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    He is game of thrones language maker (I really don't know what that means lol)

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    I think it's pretty, but I wouldn't use it. I do like the pronunciation David J. Peterson intended for it to have (although, of course, Martin probably had a pronunciation in his head before that); just read the interview, must be frustrating creating a language (almost) from scratch and having others butcher it. And while I don't care that it's a fictional title (really, ladies?) I find Daenerys so much prettier and special.

    Also, according to wikipedia (which I usually don't rely to much on) it's rather close to a vulgar Hindi word.
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