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    Dislike Pearl, so I vote for Lola.
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    Lola is just a nn to me. Delilah is lovely and I especially love Lila as a nn or full name. Although, is Violet called Vi? If so Lila may not work. She could go by Della or Dell

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    I am not sure which I prefer. I was going to say Delilah Pearl, but I think actually prefer Lola Juliet. Either way, you have a winner!
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    I'd pick Delilah Pearl. I never cared for Lola, it just reminds me of Copacabana.

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    Definitely Lola Juliet.

    I think Delilah pearl does not flow as well, in my opinion and Lola Juliet is so cute and vintage yet can have sass and elegance when she is older. LJ could be a possible nn at some point or not. Lola is pretty short and sweet and to the point, a nn may not be required though Lola bug is cute XDDD hehe. Anyway hope you find a way to decide

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