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    Winter Lynn nn Winnie.........I like Winter better for a boy and do not care for the nn winnie (read pooh into that and a horse)
    Katherine Jessamine nn Kit.....LOVE the nn Kit! Katharine is good. I agree with some others that Jessamine might be too much with it
    Willa May .....Willow May would be better
    Adela.....Good solid name that is nms
    Violet ----One of my (new) favorites. It says Spring and fresh and sweet for a girl and aso evokes creativity.
    Kenna I like how this sounds and even if you do not think of it as an honoring name maybe SIL will and be secretly pleased? I named my first son Patrick (in the Hospital after he was born and I saw him for the first time) My SIL thought I named him for her and I never told her differently. I never even thought of her when I named him!
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