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    Please comment on my girl names!

    We are due with #1 in September and despite being a name addict for years, I cannot decide what name to use if it is a girl! Please comment on my pending selection!

    Winter Lynn nn Winnie
    Katherine Jessamine nn Kit
    Willa May
    Kenna (really like this name but DH's sister's name is Kendra and we do not want it to be an honor name lol.)


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    Opinion time! I actually like them all except maybe Kenna, though I can see the attraction of it. People might think it is a nn for McKenna or Mackenzie.

    Winter Lynn nn Winnie - What a pretty name and I like Winnie, too.
    Katherine Jessamine nn Kit - Katherine (Kit) is great but with Jessamine, its a little heavy. Katherine May is an option.
    Willa May - Willie Mays - maybe Willa Katherine or Willa Jessamine?
    Adela - This is very nice and Adela Jessamine is less cumbersome than Katherine Jessamine.
    Violet - One of my recent favorites! Violet Adela or Katherine Violet seem nice
    Kenna - might be safest to avoid this then

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    Winter Lynn nn Winnie - I like Winnie but prefer other first names to get there like Winifred or Winslow.
    Katherine Jessamine nn Kit - Katherine (Kit) is nice but I do not like Jessamine, with it. Katherine May would be better.
    Willa May - I love Willa but not combined with May. To me that sounds ver country.
    Adela - This is okay but Not my favorite
    Violet - I have met 3 girls named Violet lately. It is pretty but may become overused.
    Kenna - Unless you want to honor her aunt, this is too close to Kendra.

    From your list, I would go with Willa Katherine.
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    Winter Lynn nn Winnie - Love Winter nn Winnie. Not sure that Lynn does much for it though. I'd want an older, sturdier name next to Winter, which is so modern and organic. Winter Adele perhaps, or Winter Katherine.
    Katherine Jessamine nn Kit - The two N-endings... I think you could get away with it if the I-sounds weren't the same. Kathrine or Katrin "Cah-TREEN".. Nickname Kit is fabulous and Jessamine is really beautiful - fragrant and flowery without being frilly.
    Willa May - Feels a little hillbillyish to me, a la Billie Jean. Both nice names, just not together imo. Willa Violet or Jessamine Willa
    Adela - I prefer Adele, but I know it's in the process of being trademarked by a certain popstar.
    Violet - I'm sick of hearing it on nameberry, but I think it's a completely fabulous name.
    Kenna - NMS

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    I think Winter Lynn is beautiful, Winter being strong and Lynn being very feminine.. and Winnie is darling!
    I wanted to call my daughter Rowan "Winnie" but my husband didn't care much for the nickname. Boo to him.

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