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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnylove View Post
    I honestly don't like the name Katherine very much but love the nn Kit and can't come up with any other names Kit could be short for. Keep the comments coming!
    Hmm. I have no idea. If it's used for Katherine could it be used for Kathleen or any of the various Katelyn(n)/Kaitlyn/Kaitlin spellings? Or maybe Beckett for a unisex name?

    Couldn't you do Winter/Willa/Violet as the given name and then Katherine/Katelynn as the middle name, and then she could go by either her first name or Kit, whichever she preferred (maybe Kit as an adolescent and then Willa/Winter/Violet as an adult)?

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    Winter Lynn nn Winnie: I love Winter nn Winnie! This is stunning. I hate Lynn as a middle name though - grew up with ALL of my friends having Lynn as a middle, super filler to me. These days, a lot of folks use it as an honoring name, but it still grates, when there are so many gorgeous, unusual names out there.

    Katherine Jessamine nn Kit: lovely!

    Willa May: sweet, sassy, and a bit Southern sounding. I have a soft spot for Willa

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