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    casilayne Guest

    A name with meaning for adopted girl

    We are starting the process of hopefully adopting a little girl. She will keep her first name. BUT I want to change her middle name to either a family name or a name with meaning (chosen, long awaited, prayed for....).

    Here are some family name options:

    mother: Carolyn Elaine
    MIL: Karen Sue
    grandmother: Winona Elizabeth Ann
    GIL: Judy Kay

    Aunts: Shonda, Beverly, Paige, Carla....I don't know if I could do one aunt and not have a problem...
    Cousins: Mia, Julia, Carissa...same issue as the aunts.

    I'm just not falling in love with any family names. So, I am open to names with a kick-hinney meaning.

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