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    I would happily take everything that you listed!

    Honestly, I have one child & will probably have one more. While a third or even a fourth would be financially possible through childhood I fear that I couldn't afford to educate them. I worked my way through college in my mid 20's because I had no help from my parents, yet was not able to get financial aid because their incomes were considered...I don't want my children to have to worry about that! I suppose that college would have to be more affordable.

    I think that Americans also have a great need for personal space. I think a lot of Americans feel like each person in a household needs their own bed room & their own private bathroom. I think a lot of people feel they don't have the room for 3rd or 4th children because they want to have an office and give each kid their own bedroom. So a family in the 1800's would find 4 kids to be no big deal with less sq footage than a family with 2 kids today...

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