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    Birth rates are dropping everywhere, even the poorest countries (though they continue to be safely above replacement levels).

    What would make me want more children? If I didn't want to raise them to take part in a high-tech, specialized, knowledge-driven, globalized world. If I didn't care about spending a great deal of money and other resources on equipping them for adulthood-- a dramatically different prospect than it was even 30 years ago, where one could make a reasonable, secure living using his hands alone. If I didn't feel the need to ensure they can keep up with the lightening-fast changing pace of technology, so as not to become redundant or obsolete. If I didn't care about the dramatically disproportionate impact my urban American children will have in terms of consuming far more than their equitable share of resources, energy and goods.

    If I wanted to raise a passel of homesteaders "off the grid," then maybe. But I definitely don't, won't and can't.
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