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    What would make you have more children?

    I finished a sociology class a few weeks ago and it was really interesting. One of the things we studied was population growth and decline and how one of the problems facing Western developed countries is a below replacement birthrate. I hadn't been aware of this I had always heard that the world was overpopulated. But we went over some of the ways governments have tried to boost birthrates throughout history and what they are currently trying to do. So I was curious, for all of you who only have one or two children or are planning to only have one or two children, what would make you have more kids?

    Longer paid mat leaves? Pregnancy leaves (so you don't have to work throughout)? Baby bonus checks? Financial support to help you be a SAHM? Government funded or better insurance coverage for fertilty treatments or surrogancy? More affordable or better quality childcare? More birth options( such as elective c-sections)? Tummy tucks and lipo afterwards?

    Obviously not all are realistic but in an ideal world what would entice you to have more children?

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